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Children's Dental Care

Exceptional oral hygiene is something that develops over time. The most ideal time to teach your child about oral hygiene habits begins during childhood. When children learn about the perks of obtaining excellent oral care habits at an early age, they will continue to practice optimal hygiene habits throughout their life. At Bay Dental Health, we provide complete dental care for children and teens, which include oral exams, digital X-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatment, gum disease prevention, sealants, and cavity maintenance.


At Bay Dental Health, we strive to teach our younger patients about proper dental care habits, including all of the advantage of that routine brushing and flossing can provide throughout their lifetime. We provide detailed brushing and flossing instruction for both the child and their caregivers which will ensure that the teeth are being cared for daily. Our nurturing staff also maintains a soothing and secure environment for children during their dental appointment with us, so that they may learn early on that visiting the dentist does not need to be a scary or frightening experience.

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